Toolszen Coupon Code: FEB 2024 + Flat 10% OFF

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SEO Tools are very useful in blogging, Toolszen is the best & trusted Group SEO Tool Provider in India. that’s why you search for Toolszen Coupon Code

I started Blogging in 2016, and I have, using Toolszen for the last 3 years, when I got the best service from Toolszen, it’s also helpful for my audience.

Here you can get New Toolszen Coupon Codes Every Month with the latest deals and sales offers.

Toolszen Coupon Code
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Toolszen Coupon Code

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After using toolszen I am going to add a complete guide on toolszen, so, here you can learn…

  • Toolszen Review
  • Toolszen Plans
  • Toolszen Coupon Code
  • How to Apply Toolszen Promo code to Get Flat 10% OFF?
  • FAQs on Toolszen

Toolszen is now popular for group SEO tools in India, so, let’s start the review on Toolszen and other Pros and cons of Toolszen.

Pros & Cons of Toolszen

After using it for a long time I have found some negative sides & some positive sides of Toolszen let’s explore them for you…


  • 99.5% Uptime in Tools
  • Ahref Available
  • Cheap Price
  • High-Quality Support


  • 0.5% Down Time
  • Ahref Only available in the Elite package

Downtime: 0.5% is less than all tool providers this is the primary reason that I am personally using this tool and also, recommend it to you let’s discuss some more points.

Ahref is Only available in the Elite package: because the company wants to cover the price because Ahref increased their service charge this year.

Toolszen Review in 2023: Is Toolszen Safe to Use?

I have been using Toolszen for the last 3 years, according to my experience Toolszen gives 99.99% uptime on every SEO tool, Also, toolszen has a good customer support system.

Toolszen is completely Safe to Use, I don’t face any issues with Toolszen. we can easily trust Toolszen’s service. If you think of buying any SEO tools from Toolszen then simply Go ahead without any doubt.

if you ask me to rate Toolszen service then, I give 5 stars out of 5 on Toolszen Service, so, now is time to discuss Toolszen plans & Toolszen Promo code.

Toolszen Review

Toolszen Plans: Affordable SEO Tools Package

Toolszen Provides 30+ SEO tools you can buy them Individually, as well as group-wise. if you are going to save more money then I recommend you to go with the Group package.

Let’s explore the Toolszen group Tools Plans…

  • Elite Plan
  • Basic Plan
  • Individual Plan
Toolszen plans

When you come to Toolszen’s Shop area you can see some Tools Plans, like Elite, Basic, & Individual Tools name.

1. Elite Plan

Elite plan is the bigger plan of Toolszen here you can get the Ahref tool with other 29 Tools, almost here you get 30 SEO tools. Tools Names are given Below.

  1. Ahref
  2. SEmRosh
  3. Envato Elements
  4. Stock Unlimited
  5. Keyword Revealer
  6. Woorank
  7. Spyfu
  8. Ubersuggest
  9. Quetext
  10. Linkedin Learning
  11. KW Finder
  12. Toolszen Plagiarism Checker
  13. Toolszen Long Tail Keyword Researcher
  14. Toolszen Word Tracker
  15. Toolszen Pages Generator
  16. Skillshare
  17. Grammarly
  18. Picsart
  19. Spinrewriter
  20. Indexification
  21. Scribd
  22. Moz
  23. Canva
  24. Picmonkey
  25. Wordai
  26. Article Builder
  27. Buzzsumo
  28. Crello
  29. Word Tracker
  30. Tutsplus

Elite Plan Limitations

  • Ahrefs:- You can use site explorer and keyword explorer feature on ahrefs (Export is not available because of limits in ahrefs), daily limit is total 20 reports per day
  • Note:- Ahrefs limits will be based on this official ahrefs article. Click Here to Read.
  • SEmRosh:- Unlimited Keywords, Domains per day. Site audit not allowed!
  • Quetext:- 5 Articles per day (maximum 500 words per search)
  • Wordai:- 10,000 Words per day
  • Indexification:- 1000 Links per day
  • Envato Elements:- 20 Downloads per day

If you have a good budget to invest in SEO Tools, then I recommend that you go with Elite Plan.

2. Basic Plan

The basic Plan is the medium Range plan of Toolszen, in this plan, you can get 29 SEO tools but here you miss the Ahref tool.

  1. SEmRosh
  2. Envato Elements
  3. Stock Unlimited
  4. Keyword Revealer
  5. Woorank
  6. Spyfu
  7. Ubersuggest
  8. Quetext
  9. Linkedin Learning
  10. KW Finder
  11. Toolszen Plagiarism Checker
  12. Toolszen Long Tail Keyword Researcher
  13. Toolszen Word Tracker
  14. Toolszen Pages Generator
  15. Skillshare
  16. Grammarly
  17. Picsart
  18. Spinrewriter
  19. Indexification
  20. Scribd
  21. Moz
  22. Canva
  23. Picmonkey
  24. Wordai
  25. Article Builder
  26. Buzzsumo
  27. Crello
  28. Word Tracker
  29. Tutsplus
Toolszen Basic Package

Limitations are the same with the elite plan, & Ahref is not present here, so, if you want the Ahref tool then have to go with the Elite plan.

3. Individual Plans

Individual Plan is a very important plan because if someone needs a single tool then he can easily buy that particular tool, and he can save his money.

if you want to save more money then you can use the coupon code that is given below you can easily save 10% more money with the Toolszen coupon code.

Toolszen Coupon Code & Latest Promo Codes

Toolszen Promo Code mostly you want to save more money by using coupon codes, also, I have added the coupon code in the above paragraph. Still again I listed in the below section.

Toolszen Coupon Code


Toolszen Coupon Code
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ToolsZen Coupon Code

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If you are using Toolszen on a monthly basis then, you can get the latest Toolszen Coupon codes and discount details here.

So, you can bookmark this post it’s better than again searching for the Toolszen Promo code.

INFO: Toolszen Coupon Code Updated Monthly with Latest Offer

How to Apply Toolszen Promo code to Get Flat 10% OFF?

if you want to get more discount then you have to apply the Toolszen Coupon code but have to know the Process of how can you apply the Promo code for more discount.

Let’s explore the full process of how you can app the coupon code…

1. Sign Up on Toolszen

Visit Toolszen.com here then click on the Login/Signup button in the right top corner, now you have to click on the Signup Here button as shown in the below image.

Toolszen Sign Up

Then you have to fill up your details to create your account on Toolszen…

Toolszen Signup form

After Creating your account now you have to log in to your account to buy SEO Tools from Toolszen.

2. Go To “Shop Page” to buy SEO tools

To buy an SEO Tool & to apply the Toolszen Coupon Code now you have to go to the Shop Page, just click on the Shop page or Add/Renew subscription button as shown in the below image.

Toolszen Shop Page

Now you have to choose a Plan that you want to buy, For example, if we want to buy a Basic plan then we have to click on Basic Plan as given in the below image.

Toolszen Plan option

if we go with the Basic plan then we can buy the basic plan monthly and annual basis, excluding the basic plan and other plans we can buy only on a monthly basis.

So, now we have to click on the buy now button as shown in the below image…

Toolszen Buy Now
This is for Basic Plan
Toolszen Buy Now
For Individual plans

Just now we have to click on Buy Now button.

3. Apply Toolszen Coupon Code.

After Clicking on Buy Now Button you can add the Toolszen Promo Code to get more discounts.

Coupon codes are already given in the above paragraph, first copy the coupon code then you can apply it on Toolszen as shown in the below image.

Toolszen Coupon Code

Just add the coupon code and then click the enter button then you can get the discounted amount.

4. Choose a payment method & pay for the Tool

Simply you have to choose your payment method then you have to pay the amount of the tool package.

Toolszen Coupon Code1

Just tick on the terms & Conditions box, then solve the ReCaptcha click on next, and Complete your payment.

This is the complete process of how to Apply the Toolszen coupon code to get more discounts. Let’s discuss some FAQs on Toolszen.

Note: Company Doesn’t Give Discount on Elite Plan

Q1 – Is Toolszen Safe to Use?

Ans: Toolszen is completely Safe to Use.

Q2 – Can Toolszen give us 100% Uptime?

Ans: Toolszen gives 99.99% Uptime which maximum uptime compared with tools companies.

Q3 – Can Toolszen have a helpline Number?

Ans: No, don’t have any helpline number, but they provide live chat support on Toolszen.com


This is all about Toolszen Company & Toolszen Coupon Code, again I am saying you can get the Latest Deals and Coupon codes in this Post.

If this post is helpful for you then must share this post on the blogging community to help other bloggers. Also, check some other related content that may help you…

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