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Sitecountry Review: I started Blogging in 2016 and have tried many Hosting Companies in my Blogging journey & I started Using Sitecountry on 3rd May 2021 which is more than 2 years.

After Using Sitecountry, I am writing this Review with Live Proof, Please read it carefully to understand it well.

Here is a most commonly asked Question… Which Plan Am I Using on Sitecountry Hosting?

I have purchased 4 Hosting packages on Sitecountry, Also I have Added the Proof in the below Image.

Sitecountry Review

Also, I have multiple domains, now it’s time to write a review about the service, in the below paragraph I am going to add all Sitecountry Reviews.

Sitecountry Reviews With Live Proof

When I started using Sitecountry Hosting, then also, tested different factors to ensure its quality.

Now I am mentioning what results I found after testing Sitecountry on different factors. There are some factors, which I have tested.

  1. Speed
  2. Server Response time
  3. UpTime
  4. Data Centers
  5. Support
  6. Refund Policy
  7. Pricing

Let’s explore all the above points one by one that is better for understanding.

1# Speed

When we talk about the Speed of Sitecountry Hosting, direct I have added the proof. As Soumyahelp.com is also, hosted on Sitecountry.

Now We check the Speed of Soumyahelp.com on different Speed Checkers like,

  • Google PageSpeed Insight
  • Pingdom
  • GTmetrix

Google PageSpeed Insights result of Soumyahelp

First, I test for Home then I test for post pages, So, look at the below image,

Soumyahelp[Homepage] Speed at Mobile

Soumyahelp Speed - Sitecountry Review

Soumyahelp[Homepage] Speed at Desktop

Soumyahelp Speed - Sitecountry Review

This is for the homepage, and my homepage is a little slow because I am using Thrive Architect, Also, the homepage is not ranked on Google.

We have to increase our Posts page Speed so, now I am going to test one Post Speed also, you can check practically.

Soumyahelp[Posts] Speed at Mobile

Soumyahelp Speed - Sitecountry Review

Soumyahelp[Posts] Speed at Desktop

Soumyahelp Speed - Sitecountry Review

As you can see from the above results which are based on Google Pagespeed insights, now the time is for Pingdom Results.

Pingdom result of Soumyahelp

Now I am going to test only the Homepage on Pingdom and the result is in the below image.

Soumyahelp Speed At Pingdom [Asia Server Location]

Soumyahelp Speed - Sitecountry Review

You have already seen that is the load time just 2 sec. also, my post pages are faster than the homepage. Just remember my speed is better in the India[Asia] location, if you test it from another location then maybe my website will take 1 second more.

GTMetrix Test Result for Souyahelp

GTmetrix is one of the best tools where you can test any website speed, also I have tested my website here, and the result is the below section.

Soumyahelp Speed - Sitecountry Review

As you can see the above result Grade is “A” with just “65ms” TBT and CLS is “0” with “1.1s” LCP which is a very good speed just check it in India Location.

Sitecountry Review, This is the Live Proof of My Website Speed on Sitecountry Hosting.

Google Search Console – Page Experience report

After using Sitecountry Hosting I found great results and it’s showing on my Search Console Report on Page Experience

Sitecountry Hostoing Review
Sitecountry Hostoing Review

As you can see Now Google found my URLs as Good URLs, which is much better for Organic Ranking.

2# Server Response Time

Website Speed Completely Depends on your Server Response Time and what is the result I get from Sitecountry.

When we want to check any Server Response time I Use bitcatcha.com which gives the actual result of any Sever.

Here, I am Testing my website Soumyahelp.com, The result is in the below image,

Server Response Time - Sitecountry Hosting Review

Here you can the overall Server Response Time, now you can see the Location wise the Server Response Time of Sitecountry Hosting.

Server Response Time - Sitecountry Hosting Review

Server Response Time in Different Locations

Location Server Response Time
US(W)10 Milli Second
US(E)1 Milli Second
London3 Milli Second
Singapore2 Milli Second
Sao Paulo11 Milli Second
Mumbai1 Milli Second
Sydney2 Milli Second
Japan3 Milli Second
Canada1 Milli Second
Germany1 Milli Second

Also, I am using the Uptime Robot Application, which shows Sever’s actual server response time.

Sitecountry Review

As you can see in the above Image the Average Server Response Time is 2.122 ms and the Company claims it provides 2 ms to 15 ms This is a good sign really, the Sitecountry server is very fast.

3# Uptime Proof

As you can see I purchased the premium cloud plan for Soumyahelp.com in June but I transferred my site after 6 months.

In August I completely transferred my Website Soumyahelp.com to Sitecountry Hosting and the proof of Uptime is in the below image.

Sitecountry Review

Here you can see the stats of Uptime Robot My Website has continued running for the last 2 years, and Uptime is 100% with 0% Downtime.

Uptime also depends on how you configure your website if you configure your site properly 100% you get results.


After Using Sitecountry Hosting for 10 months, here is the Sitecountry Hosting review for Uptime, based on all Website uptime that I found.

Months – YearsUptime %
May 2021100%
June 2021100%
July 2021100%
August 202199.97%
September 202199.95%
October 2021100%
November 2021100%
December 2021100%
January 2022100%
February 2022100%
March 2022100%
April 202299.97%
May 2022100%
June 2022100%
July 202299.98%
August 2022100%
September 2022100%
October 2022100%
November 2022100%
December 2022100%
January 2023100%
February 2023100%
March 2023100%
April 2023100%
May 2023100%
June 2023100%
July 2023100%
August 2023100%
September 202399.9%
Oct 2023100%
Nov 202399.8%
Dec 2023100%
Jan 202499.9%
FEB 2024100%
March 202499.9%
April 2024Continued…

Also, I regularly update these stats, Because I want to give a clear vision to my followers why I recommended Sitecountry for Blogging.

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4# Data Centers

There are many Hosting companies in the market, but most companies have only a single location which reduces your website speed.

But Sitecountry Truly provides 3 Major data centers with multiple Sub-Data Centers and Major Data Centers are …

  • India
  • USA
  • Europe

And this is a good point on the Sitecountry Hosting package, now we are going to the next point.

5# Supports

Sitecountry provides 24×7 support in different languages in multiple ways.

Support TypeAvailable TimingLanguage
Email24 hoursEnglish, Hindi
Ticket24 hoursEnglish, Hindi
Live Chat24 hours English, Hindi

6# Refund Policy

Sitecoutry Review: A refund Policy is essential for any Service. Here Sitecountry Refund Policy is 30 days.

30 Days refund policy for Public Cloud, Premium Cloud & Elite Cloud Hosting Packages. [Not Applicable on VIP Cloud & Reseller Cloud]

Also, you can read the Refund Policy on Sitecountry’s Official Website, they are truly refunding money when anyone wants to refund.

Here, I try it “First I purchased a hosting package with another person’s details and after some days asked for a refund of my money, Sitecountry asked me to solve my problem, also, they solve all problems, but as you know, I play trick so, still, I want to refund my money and Sitecountry gently give the complete refund to my account.

7# Pricing

When we talked about pricing I said: “In my 5 years of blogging career I have used many hosting companies but Sitecountry is the best company that provides Next Level Cloud Hosting at a Budget Price.”

Sitecountry has a minimum cloud hosting plan that starts at only Rs.600 per year which is the best option for poor bloggers, they can quickly join WordPress.

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Sitecountry Review Summary – My Experience.

Server Response Time2-10 ms
Data Centers3 Main, Multiple SDC
Supports24 hours
Refund policy30 Days

Pros & Cons of Sitecountry Hosting


  • Multi-Language Support.
  • 24*7 Hours ticket Support.
  • Quick Reply in Chat Support
  • High Inode Limit.
  • Advanced Control Panel.
  • 100% Uptime.
  • High Ram Capacity.
  • High Traffic Handling Capacity.


  • Chat Support is not available 24 hours

Don’t worry Chat Support is a quick support process, but if you need any help from Sitecountry then Ticket Support is available 24*7 Days. Just raise the Ticket and explain your problem Sitecountry’s Team Started Working on your Problem, After fixing the Issue they will Reply to your Ticket.

Best Hosting Plans for WordPress in Sitecountry – My Recommendation

As per my experience, I am currently using sitecountry, also, I am also using 3 hosting packages, but when we talk about the Best Hosting Plans for WordPress in Sitecountry.

So, My Recommendation is “Premium Cloud”

Sitecountry Review

In Premium Cloud you can choose the best plan as your requirement after clicking on Premium Cloud,

Sitecountry Review

The best plan is Turbo Plan with 6GB RAM frequency which can handle Unlimited Traffic with 3k real-time users.

Here you can buy these plans at a huge discount of a Flat 80% off on each plan

Also, here you get a Domain for Free for a lifetime.

Another gift worth 320 Dollars with this purchase, Watch the video and all the Special discounts,

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  • Lifetime Free Domain [.com, .in, .net, .org, etc.]
  • blogging product worth 1000 Dollars [Special gift]
  • Get Flat 80% Discounts

Sitecountry Review; Here I have mentioned an honest review, of Sitecountry, As per my experience there is no issue with using Sitecountry.

Q#1 Can Sitecountry give 24×7 support?

Yes, Sitecountry provides a 24×7 hours support system.

Q#2 Can Sitecountry Provide Support in the Hindi language?

Yes, here sitecountry provides support in multiple languages like English & Hindi.

Q#3 Can we get Support on Malware activities on Our Website?

Yes, Sitecountry, helps you if you have any malware on your website then the Sitecountry official team removes them for you.

Q#4 Does Sitecountry provide daily backup?

Yes, Sitecountry has a daily backup system. Your website got backed up daily by Sitecountry.

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Sitecountry review: Here I have added all of my personal experience on Sitecountry Hosting company, if you have doubts then ask me in the comment section.

After Reading Sitecountry Review I think your doubts are cleared properly, I recommend this company because Sitecountry provides good Hosting services.

Also, if you are using Sitecountry Hosting and getting good results, then comment below, and Add Ratings to this post.

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  1. आपके सभी आर्टिकल बहुत ही अच्छा है . मुझे पढ़कर बहुत अच्छा लगा

  2. I am an SEO Analyst and I was looking for the best hosting company that provides me with quality services at the lowest price. I have tried many hosting companies and SiteCountry is the best one.

    Actually, I am not an expert in this field but SOWMYA has suggested me to go for this hosting, and trust me this is the best hosting provider company.

    In this, we get cloud hosting with good support at the cheapest price. I personally love SiteCountry because of its features and services offered by it. It offers unlimited bandwidth, limitless disk space, and a lot more free things which are not available on other similar websites like Hostgator,Bluehost or even in Hostinger too.

    The customer support provided by the Sitecountry team is also excellent as they provide 24/7 technical assistance to their clients which means you can contact them anytime during their business hours and get an immediate response from someone who understands what you’re talking about.

    Finally, I thank Soumya for helping me to choose this Gem.

  3. i used hostgator hosting since last 2 years. It is good hosting. But soumya help recommend me to use sitecountry hosting. then i purchase sitecountry hosting, it is better than hostgator hosting at same price. Thanks for SoumyaHelp👍

  4. Mujhe inki Sabse achi bat ye lagi ki Inka support sab badi hosting company se bahut hi mast hai . Toh Mai sabhi beginners Ko ye hosting recommend karta hu le lo.

  5. First of all, I would like to thank Soumya Bhai for providing good hosting. SiteCountry is the best hosting provider company. In this, we get cloud hosting with good support at the cheapest price. I am using this hosting few months. So far no problem has come in hosting. If you start comparing then-popular hosting providers like Hositnagar, Bluehost, Sitecountry is better than any other company.

    Good Hosting- Sitecountry.com

  6. This is One of the Best hosting company. I am using ₹49 par month plan. Great performance. I got home page speed 86 in mobile and 98 in desktop and post speed in mobile 95 and in desktop 100. Really great results in this price. I have never expected this result in ₹49. Thanks for this. I give marks 10/10 for this hosting and support. You can also check on my website.
    info Tech Hindi

  7. Thanks to both Sitecountry as well as Soumya Sir. Because of Sir I have come to know about this amazing hosting provider website – Sitecountry.

    The Hosting provided by Sitecounty is very fast and reliable. Speed is too good. And the main point to be noted is, that you are getting this amazing hosting services in a very low price as compared to other popular hosting providers, and that is what all wants.

    So overall, this Hosting service is my favorite and will surely be yours favorite just try it once.

  8. One of the Best hosting company there are three plan. Lite, Pro &, Turbo I have purchase Lite plan good _services_ on malware website support. Instant access and ultimate fast and furious parformance sitecountry. 👍

  9. Thanks Soumyahelp.com… bro this hosting is very good and fast also and the support of this hosting is very good and it helped me a lot.


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